Monday, 30 April 2012

Top Bokashi Tips

Here are a few little tips to keep your Bokashi on track

1) Keep the bucket sealed. Bokashi doesn't need air to compost. It's a fermentation process, so keep the lid shut and the air out.

2) Drain off moisture. Bokashi works best when it's fairly dry. Drain away the juice frequently, and try to prevent water building up at the top of the bin. It's a good idea to dry waste off as much as possible before adding to your bin.

3) Don't forget the bran. You would think this is obvious, but so many people forget to use Bokashi bran (or don't use enough of it!)

4) Keep going - even if something goes wrong, just try again. You'll get there in the end.

If you can remember these four points, you'll be well on the way. All the best with your Bokashi.

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